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prostate size chart

Hello and welcome today's presentation and large prostate Causes Symptoms and treatment is presented by Doctor Mark Hsu. He specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system without further ado. Please welcome Doctor Mark Hsu. Good evening everyone.

Thank you for joining me today on this educational talk about the prostate and and how it's can cause urinary issues in a large prostate is one of the most common issues that an older man can deal with in their golden years and very likely if you have a urinary prostate size chart at that time, more than likely not, it's the prostate. To give you an overview of our talk tonight first talk about the prostate, it's anatomical considerations and the role in the urinary system. Next Next we'll about how it's enlargement can cause urinary bother and we'll call that PPH from here on out just to simplify things and finally we'll go over some of the treatment options that Urologist can offer for traditionally we've been we've talked about medications and surgery as a traditional options that I've been offered but in the.

ABHD4-dependent developmental anoikis safeguards the embryonic brain

Five to 10 years, there have been a couple of pretty exciting. There are kind of like a niche in the in between of medications and surgery, and we'll talk about a couple of them today, both of which we offer here in our clinic.

So what is the prostate? It's typically a walnut Melyik gyógynövényeket prosztatitis gland and it sits at the base of the bladder and there's a channel within the prostate and I'll show you right here.

prostate size chart

There's a there's a there's a hole that goes through the prosztata meszes képlet and we call that the prosthetic urethra and that's the area that the and the bladder has to exit through this area before is able to come out to the urethra and so that's there.

Focus I will will be referring to quite a bit and otherwise a prostate produces about a third of the volume of the ejaculate and there's two main stages of growth one and it it reaches as adult size in the prostate size chart in your 20s and then it will continue to grow from your mid 40s onwards through the rest of your life.

prostate size chart

Prostatacancer hund so there are several problems that can happen with A prosztatitis súlyosbodása antibiotikus kezelésben prostate that will lead one to seek medical attention and here are three of the most common conditions that the prostate can and one can encounter and the first one is is BPH, which is the one we're going to be talking about today, but there's also other conditions like prostate in the middle there, which is basically an infection or inflammatory condition of the prostate and then there's also prostate cancer.

There can be some. Overlap and and this and this and Symptoms between these three conditions, so it's important for the Urologist to to to be able to evaluate you and through the work of kind of figure out which one it is.

I'll get prostate size chart men will be well if my prostate larger will I have an increased risk of prostate cancer and the answer is no there. People who have small Prostate or large prostate that can get prostate cancer, so that's not a.

So let's focus on what BPH stands for because it's pretty aptly named.

prostate size chart

So if we look at the B, it stands for benign so again that's non cancerous. We're not talking about cancer in this situation. P is referring to the prostate and H is hyperplasia.

Bigger you know when anatomically A prosztata fájdalom kezelése can cause what's a phenomena We call a medicine and bladder outlet obstruction and and that can then lead to to urinary symptoms, which we also call lower urinary tract symptoms or simply Lutz. So BPH is the most common reason for what we call this bladder.

So if we look at the left side here in the normal Prostate anatomy diagram again, we have the bladder here and the prostate here and that channel that prostate size chart we are going through. Also inwards towards the middle and so you imagine that doughnut hole is getting smaller because that that tube in the process is becoming tighter so over time that bladders gotta work really hard to squeeze that urine through this tight little channel and you can imagine now the bladder is actually a muscle so if the muscle's going to squeeze really hard work overtime for many years, you can imagine what's going to happen.

It's starting to become very thick. It's what we call a tribe.

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Bladder it'll it will look. So what are the symptoms of BP? You may not feel completely empty.

prostate size chart

I got to go all the time you feel like you, you can't hold you can't hold it for very long. And these are all. I mean we can hear any any combination of these symptoms when we talk to patients.

So this slide just goes over some statistics of service a quality of life service, a man with BPH that have had the you know that talk about how their their their urinary symptoms affect their quality of life.

So you know patients come to see me.

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I've heard a lot of different stories. I mean most common ones. I'll mention here will be like golfers who will tell me they have to find a restroom every few holes and you know that's array of just you know.

Self-conscious guys at the urinal who are hearing all these young whipper snappers next to them with like laying loose with their good streams and then there's other people who like know exactly where the every single bathroom is on their their routes, you know to and from work or to their to their errands.

So so this this is this is kind of what what we will hear in the clinic and it's not just you know the patients themselves that have to go through these issues but also their significant others or their loved ones or people around them that also get to vicariously go through these issues as well. Intervention for BP and there's some there's some link that potentially obesity and lack of exercise may increase the risk of progressive BP.

So you prostate size chart just like what all the doctors will say that the importance of a good diet and exercise and stress management all these things you know play to many parts of one's health and and that, and that definitely includes the prostate. So if you were to come to the the Urologist clinic, this a typically the arsenal of the work that we have first, we will take a detailed history, kind of understand what kind of symptoms that are going on and we have some surveys prostate size chart we can do to kind of quantify to get some objective numbers about how bothered one is we'll do a prostate exam where we'll we'll take a feel of the size of the prostate and the texture of how it feels and then and then we also will prostate size chart also conduct some urine studies to make sure there's no obvious infection and there's no blood in the urine that requires for work.

prostate size chart

One of. Test that we also offer. How how how tightly the screen for it and this could be really it's own lecture and you know it's right.